The Only Skincare Products I Used During Lockdown

During lockdown I have tried to keep my skincare routine very simple. I have worn no make-up at all, therefore have been able to skip many steps in my routine. These are the only products which I have used on my face during this time. My skin is sensitive and breakout prone. I call itContinue reading “The Only Skincare Products I Used During Lockdown”

How I Deal with Hormonal Breakouts

I am 23 years old. My skin has never been perfect. However I have never strived for total perfection. Control is something which I try to achieve in many aspects of my life and despite it being my own face I struggle to maintain control of it. I was 19 when skincare became my concern/passion/obession.Continue reading “How I Deal with Hormonal Breakouts”

Skincare Tips for Swimmers

Swimming for me is the most relaxing way to excercise and a great way to clear my head. However, the chlorine dries out my skin and the goggles that I wear cause a lot of irritation.  At my work I am regularly asked by mature ladies how to help with elasticity around the eye area.Continue reading “Skincare Tips for Swimmers”

What to do When You’ve Done Too Much

A common concern among skincare enthusiasts is that their skin starts doing the opposite of what they want. Breakouts become more persistent. Dry patches appear alongside redness and tiny bumps under the skin. This is what happens when your skin starts to reject the numerous new products that you are so eager to try. TheContinue reading “What to do When You’ve Done Too Much”