What to do When You’ve Done Too Much

A common concern among skincare enthusiasts is that their skin starts doing the opposite of what they want. Breakouts become more persistent. Dry patches appear alongside redness and tiny bumps under the skin. This is what happens when your skin starts to reject the numerous new products that you are so eager to try. The skins barrier is compromised. Here are a few recommendations for products which will help to rebalance your skin and bring it back to ‘normal’. I personally can’t say that I have ever had normal skin but this is the closest that I can get. You will notice that for this particular concern I have some brands which I trust and always go back to.

Step 1

Lets start with cleanser. A double cleanse is what I would recommend. However if I am wearing heavy make-up then my preference is to start with Garnier Micellar Water. (This is a gentle way to remove make-up and it is how I avoid spreading my eye make-up all over my face.) Therefore that becomes a triple cleanse. After that, my personal favourite combination includes Caudalie Make-up Removing Cleansing Oil and Veneffect Pore Minimising Cleanser. The Caudalie oil will soften your skin and remove all traces of make-up. The Veneffect cleanser will calm the skin, remove excess oil and help to keep pores clear.

Step 2

Toner is a step which can be missed out for this routine. You don’t want to use any products containing strong AHA’s or BHA’s. Not while your skin is irritated. If you however want something for extra hydration or if you like the cooling feel of toner on your skin, then you can use Caudalie 100% Grape Water. This is a very simple mist which will hydrate your skin and reduce redness. Another option is Darphin Intral Toner. This is specifically for sensitive skin and you can use cotton wool or your finger tips and splash onto your skin.

Step 3

My number one serum recommendation is not really a serum. It is the Face and Eye Essence from Dr Jackson’s. This is a lightweight, non-greasy gel. It is perfect for layering with other products or ideal on its own for oily skin. Nothing is more calming on my skin. It is great for breakouts yet is perfect for hydration. It can also be used as an eye cream. If you want a more traditional serum however I have two recommendations at complete opposite price points. First, SOS Serum from Caudalie. The other is Dr Sturm Calming Serum. The texture is quite different and although I find Calming Serum much more nourishing I cannot rule out S0S simply because of the cheaper price point.

Step 4

Moisturiser is something that I always struggle with. Personally I find an oil much better on my skin. Dr Jackson’s Everyday Oil is my favourite, it is hydrating but balancing. However Kate Somerville’s Goat Milk Moisturiser is a lightweight yet comforting formula. Perfect for anyone with sensitised skin.

Step 5

I enjoy using a mask once or twice a week. Exfoliating masks and clay masks however can compromise the skins barrier. One which I have found to have amazing results for bringing my skin back to life is Ren’s Ultra Comforting Mask. Although it has a slightly sticky consistency, it instantly takes down redness and the bumpy texture of broken skin. I use this on my hands to treat my eczema and the results are instant. Leave on for ten minutes and then tissue off the excess before bed.

For inflammation which appears throughout the day, I enjoy Veneffect Skin Calming Mist. It helps to reduce heat on the skin and acts as a hydration booster.

These are my best recommendations for sensitised skin. Tried and tested by me, someone who has tried far too many products and is now trying to bring their skin back to normal levels.

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