Skincare Tips for Swimmers

Swimming for me is the most relaxing way to excercise and a great way to clear my head. However, the chlorine dries out my skin and the goggles that I wear cause a lot of irritation. 

At my work I am regularly asked by mature ladies how to help with elasticity around the eye area. Goggle marks has been highlighted as a concern too because the dents created can take a long time to bounce back. As always, prevention is the best remedy. I was told during my make-up training to be careful when removing eye makeup because it pulls on the ‘delicate eye area’. However, when I swim I wear goggles and I’m sure that the pressure and the red rings which linger after must be more aggressive. Here are a few of my suggestions to prep your skin before swimming.

Products are most effective when massaged into the skin. Whether time is spent using hands to massage or a tool such as a jade roller. The small end is ideal for around the eye area to help stimulate muscle tone and bring oxygen to the skin. After using my roller my skin always feels tight and plump. Movement is important in our skin and it will encourage elasticity. This is the best way to make sure our skin bounces back. Alongside this, an eye oil is ideal. Kora Organics Eye Oil or Bioeffect Eye Serum will both be great because they have rollers built in. Other products include Odacité Eye Contour which is amazing for crepey skin texture.

Eye patches are great too. Not great for the environment as they are often only designed for one use. However they are cooling on the skin, great for intense hydration and tightening. Also perfect for any puffiness and inflammation.

Beware of trying new products in line with swimming days. I have tired products previously which seem fine on my skin and then as soon as I get in the chlorine I have developed a rash. Avoid high percentage retinol and strong AHA’s and BHA’s. Calming products are ideal. Ren Evercalm Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask is perfect for soothing irritation and taking down any redness instantly. 

These are a few tricks that I have tried recently to keep my skin looking healthy after swimming. 

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