The Only Skincare Products I Used During Lockdown

During lockdown I have tried to keep my skincare routine very simple. I have worn no make-up at all, therefore have been able to skip many steps in my routine. These are the only products which I have used on my face during this time. My skin is sensitive and breakout prone. I call it problematic. Thefore, if you have problematic skin like me then I would recommend these 5 products for you.

Cleanser– Fresh Soy Face Cleanser

This is a really creamy gel cleanser. I found it the perfect face wash to clean my skin in the morning and break down spf in the evening. Good for reducing redness and working on skin texture. I also found that despite not being advertised as a pore minimising cleanser, it worked well at keeping my pores clear.

Toner– 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant

I found this product to be a game changer. Having previously used acid blends which all seemed to irritate my skin, I was surprised that this toner didn’t cause any sensitivity and also worked better than anything else I have tried before. I apply it onto a reusable cotton pad every other day (Or every day when necessary). Concentrating it mainly on my chin area where I am most breakout prone. My only criticism of this product is that the bottle doesn’t last very long in comparison to others that I have tried. Next time I will order two bottles.

Mask– Veneffect Skin Calming Mask

The perfect mask for oily and sensitive skin. It doesn’t dry hard like other clay masks do, instead it stays quite a goopy texture. It can be kept on skin for 30 minutes all over or used as a spot treatment overnight. Great for uneven texture and particularly oily days.

Oil– Dr Jackson’s Everyday Oil

I have been using this oil instead of a moisturiser on and off for years now. Great for balancing oiliness and hydrating and soothing. It is a neutral smell, unlike many oils that I have tried. 100% Organic and just lovely.

SPF– Soleil Toujours Mineral Sunscreen Spf30

After trying this spf I find it difficult to use anything else. Another organic product. It does not block my pores or give me spots. Lightweight, hydrating and invisible on the skin but non-greasy. During normal times I would use this every day under my make-up and I will even wear it when on holiday and directly in the sun.

Thats it. The only products that I used in my skincare routine during lockdown. Honestly my skin has never been better. Please let me know if you have tried any of these or if you cut back on what you were using over the last few months.

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