Why I Changed to Silicone Free Hair Products

I have thick hair which gets greasy quickly. I find that when I use products such as Moroccan oil, I have shiny hair on day one. Then by day two I feel like I already need to wash it. The shine turns to grease. I cannot tell the difference between my natural oil and the product build up. I have tried to make some changes.

Step 1: Get rid of all haircare products. Shampoos, masks, primers, hairsprays the lot…

Step 2: Choose a routine containing no silicone.

I chose Briogeo Be Gentle Be Kind Apple and Matcha Shampoo and Conditioner. Three products from Living Proof; Frizz Nourishing Oil, Frizz Instant de-frizzer for lightweight moisture on day two after washing and Restore Perfecting Spray for heat protection. Lastly I chose IGK First Class Dry Shampoo for when I need a bit more help.

As I have an oily scalp, I rinse and repeat with my new shampoo. However, I use a very minimal amount of conditioner. This particular one goes quite far. When out of the shower I wrap my hair in an Aquis Hair Turban and leave it for as long as possible. The hair turban is great for removing water from hair without roughly towel drying it. I have been told that towel drying can roughen the hair cuticle causing damage and enhancing frizz. When I take my hair out of the turban, I brush it and apply one pump of the oil, avoiding going too close to the roots. If I am blow drying my hair then I spray the perfecter. If not, then I leave it to dry naturally or put my hair in plaits. 

The result of this routine is that the appearance of my hair is quite matte on day 1. By day 2 the shine returns and I restyle it accordingly. Day 3 will involve a messy bun and dry shampoo at the routes to recreate the texture of day 1. 

Without the use of silicone in my products I find that although my hair is not as shiny on the first day, I can however add shine products. I don’t need to use dry shampoo as often or as soon after washing. I can comfortably only wash my hair every three days. Of course this routine is not for everyone. I have thick hair, it sits above my shoulders and has a wave to it. I have never dyed it so the condition is reasonably good. This is why oiliness and product buildup is one of my main concerns. I have been following this routine for about 5 weeks now. My hair feels good but I am curious to see if I will notice any more results as time goes on.

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