The Rise Of At Home Beauty Treatments

For the last three months there has been no access to beauty salons. The reality has been do it yourself or not at all. Many of my friends have missed having their nails done and their roots dyed. I watched tutorials in order to help family members with their hair cuts. It made me realise after putting in the time, a lot of these treatments can be done from home.

What I have missed, is assistance with hair removal. This has always been a topic of interest for me. I find it bizarre that despite everyone having hair on their bodies, we are encouraged to remove so much of it. It is not essential but it is normalised and different rules apply to men and women.

I know that my hair removal methods and behaviours are not the same as that of my friends. In the past I have opted for a bikini wax every 5-6 weeks. I have had this done professionally. On a few occasions I had tried this on myself. Painful, time consuming and with bad results. Due to quarantine I have realised that there is no better time than the present to learn to do a half decent job. I purchased the appropriate hard wax kit off Amazon, hoping it would be a good investment. All going well it would save me a small fortune. I have listed the costs of the items which I ordered. I already had talc in the cupboard.

  • Pack of 100 wooden spatulas- £2.60
  • 500g Hard Wax Beads- £14.99
  • Electric Wax Warmer- £22.99

I found some information online about techniques for waxing and a pattern which I should follow. These were a lifesaver for a pain free wax. I can confirm that winging it is a bad idea. Always keep to the pattern.

I have completed this three times now successfully. After a bit of trial and error I have decided that I will keep up the at home method. At home treatments are the new normal and I personally prefer being able to have control over such treatments and not having to worry about booking an appointment in advance or squeezing it into my busy schedule.

To me, a bit of inconvenience is no bother when I am saving £30 each month. As much as I wish to support local businesses, this is a lot of money for me to save.

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