10 Easy Changes You Can Make Towards Sustainability

Nobody is perfect. I certainly am not. However I believe that many of us want to make an environmental impact (or less of one) therefore I have laid out a few of the easiest sustainable changes which I have made with the reasons why it is worth giving them a try.

  1. Refillable Soap and Cleaning Sprays- This is a really simple change. The pumps on soap and cleaning bottles are very difficult to recycle so I have started purchasing refill packs and am holding on to the old bottles. The refill sachets have much less plastic packaging and generally need to be bought less regularly.
  2. Reusable Sanitary Products- I don’t even want to know how much waste I have created in the past from sanitary products but not anymore! Everyone has different preferences and needs. Currently, I have reusable period pants which I rate really highly. I like to wear these at night. I also have a mooncup which I find great for heavier days. I keep come organic cotton tampons in my bag at all times in case of emergencies. These come with no applicator so there is minimal waste.
  3. Joining the Library- (A rogue one I know!) This a seriously cheap way to read books if you aren’t planning on keeping them after. I am always trying to read more however 99% of the time I have no need to keep the book afterwards and always either give it to a friend or donate to a charity shop. It was a no brainer for me to join my local library.
  4. Bamboo Toothbrush- This is certainly a more expensive option that buying a plastic toothbrush therefore it is not for everyone. It is however plastic free and easier to recycle.
  5. Food Shop- I recommend buying in bulk wherever possible. Cardboard and glass packaging is preferable to plastic. If you have access to a zero waste shop then this is a great place to purchase basic items. I got my hands on some popcorn kernals with no packaging which I keep in a jar. This means that I can a crispy snack at home with no packaging. When travelling I fill up a tupperware with popcorn and wash it when I return home. No waste at all.
  6. Reusable Cotton Pads and Organic Cotton Wool- I bought some reusable bamboo cotton pads off amazon and these were a great purchase. I use them with miscellar water and toner in my skincare. They do a great job however are not as soft as the real thing so I wouldn’t recommend them if you have very sensitive skin. I keep organic cotton wool in the cupboard too because despite having reusable pads I am always still finding some use for them. Paper stemmed organic cotton buds are an easy swap too. Again, I am always finding a use for these.
  7. Skincare Products- The more simple and natural the better! Aim for local brands. Glass bottles are great however more heavy than plastic if being exported by plane so be mindful of this. I really like Dr Jackson which is a British brand with all glass packaging and beautiful products.
  8. Reusable Coffee Cups and Water Bottle- This is such an easy change to make and I like the style of these products. I have a glass coffee cup from Keepcup. It keeps my tea hot, but not too hot like a flask. I also have two sizes of Chilli’s water bottles. These are great for travelling and keeping my drink cold.
  9. Fashion Choices- It is so difficult not to give in to fast fashion. However aim for quality over quantity. Aim to own pieces which are true to your own style, of good quality which you know you will get lots of wear out. Then treat yourself every now and then to something new or more fun. Try to consider fabrics. If buying plain t-shirts then organic cotton is easy to find these days. I am trying to only purchase clothes which I know I will get lots of wear out of and not just buying something because I think it’s cute.
  10. Cotton Mask- 100% organic cotton if possible. It is better for your skin and much better for the environment. It seems like a good idea to invest in a couple of these now as I think we could be wearing them for a while yet.

That’s it. These are simple changes which I have made over the last year and hopefully I will continue to find more easy changes to make. Let me know if you have any other suggestions or of any changes which you have made.

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